Hofbrauhaus Photos 2

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Photo Gallery

Continuation of Hofbrauhaus photos taken by Joe or friends and visitors who email the photos to our website.

more Frankenmuth friends photos

Don & wife helping us celebrate

Joe, Kelvin and his friends

Celebrating Sandy's Birthday

Gina, Kellie, MaryAnn, Melissa, Monica, Ross, Ed, Frank, Dan & Joe

An Ein Prosit before my friend leaves for Austria

Ralph, his Mom and wife enjoy the HofbrauHaus

Former Johnstown, now Buffalo, NY fans

Ashley's Mom, "Lady in Red" & Joe

Jessica and her friend

Hey! That's My Parrot Head Hat!!!

Jessica, Joe and Jessica's friend

Becca & Joe

Beautiful Maria & her friends with Joe. Duquesne University & Jagermeister, Yeah!

HBH Oktoberfest 2009

HBH Oktoberfest crowd Saturday nite

HBH Fest again

Fantastic fans at HBH Sat nite Oktoberfest 2009

A Fan with a Joe Maloy T-Shirt , forefront

Another "Rockin the Haus" T-shirt

Who's That Cowboy?????

Hey Joe! We Love You!!!!!

Cally, Joe & John Michael